Ruben Volta Featured in Sacramento State Article

Club alumni, Ruben Volta, was recently featured in a series being produced by Hornet Athletics titled ‘In Their Own Words’. This series showcases Sacramento State student-athletes and coaches as they share thoughts on their careers, life, love of their sport, uncertain times, and much more. Ruben spoke about how he got where he is today and showed some love to his past teammates from the Men’s Club.

Give the article a read we are sure you will enjoy it.


New Sacramento State Volleyball Discussion Community

We have launched a new community discussion forum. This is for Sacramento State Volleyball Club members and friends only. This site can be used to reconnect with past, present and future members. We have some members that do not have social media accounts and do not get information posted on the club Facebook pages. This is an attempt to provide a communication platform for all club members in order to foster community and just share our past storied and memories. I hope you enjoy this site and it can be utilized to reconnect with members that we have grown out of touch with.

You can find the new forum on our website by clicking the community menu or by going to the following link

New Website

We are rebuilding the website from the ground up. The website will now focus on keeping a historical record of the club and its accomplishments as well as a community for alumni. We are restoring information from the original websites created by Ken Chu. Look for constant updates on information as we restore it back for public view. It is the intent of this new website to be the capsule of information and memories shared by all club members from the past, present and the future.

If you have any information that you feel needs to be added let us know. We are looking for lots of history and information. If you have photos or video’s that you want to share we want to hear from you!

If you have anything you want to share email [email protected] and we can get things setup.

Sport Court Setup

If you are an Alumni or current member of the Men’s Volleyball Club you know how much effort, blood, sweat, and tears go into setting up the sport court for the NCAA Women’s Volleyball team.  This has always been a great fundraiser for the club and a great way to support the Hornet NCAA Women’s Team during their season.   Hornet Athletics recently was allocated funds to purchase a brand new SportCourt and it was laid down for the first time on Colberg Court last night for the match against Idaho State.  Hornet Athletics did a time lapse and video showing what it takes to get the court ready to go for the Women’s NCAA team to compete on.  Enjoy!